42 inspirational quotes that would change your life


Inspirational quotes, are sayings and write ups with awesome abilities to change the way you get inspired for life. These inspirations keeps one going even when in tight corners, so it is important and ideal for a person to read them for enlightened paths to success.

Due to the recent situation of the country, so many individuals both children, youths, adults, and elders are going through difficult times with the rate in which poverty, corruption, crime, etc is increasing in the country. So it is necessary to go through inspirational quotes to keep oneself going, whenever you notice that your energy or spirit is dropping, just recite an inspirational quote to uplift your spirit. A person’s dream and views of his/her life matters a lot in their journey to a success life.


2 Thoughts that

decide your Attitude…


When You Have NOTHING*


What You Think of OTHERS

When You Have EVERYTHING..*

3 Great Philosophies:

1. Ability can never remain hidden.

2. No injury is deeper than insult.

3. Birth of tension in death of talent.

A Girl will smile in Pain, Cry in Joy

-She will give Up all Her Pleasures, just for a Smile from Someone She Loves..?

-She will Change a 100 Dresses, n still not Like any.

-She will Shout Like Maniacs, Then Cry Like a little kid.

-she would Hug you, n forget the World.

-she would be Satisfied by a Simple: ‘Im there..’

-A Girl doesn’t Need big Things in Life, she is Happy with the small Popcorn at the Movie.

-Value the Girls in Your Life, Be It Ur Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Wife, Love-mate or a Friend.

-she has given Her Soul for Ur Joy.

Respect Gals n make them feel Proud.

A Valuable Lesson that A Traffic Signal Teach Us:

Every Problem is like a Red Signal,

If we Wait for Some time,

It will Turn Green.

A Winning Horse doesn’t know what is winning,

He only runs in pain given by his rider,

so whenever ur in pain, think that God wants u to win..

A nice inspirational saying:

In an old man’s shirt written a cute sentence.

I m not 60 years old, i m sweet 16 with 44 years experience.

All birds find shelter during a rain.

But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds.

Problems r common, but attitude makes the difference!


Dont read success stories,

You will get only message.

Read failure stories,

You will get some ideas to get success.

Comparison is The Best Way

to Judge Our Progress,

But Not With Others.

Compare ur Yesterday With

Ur Today To Get The Best Results

Confidence and Hard-work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure.

It will make u a successful person.

Definition of

‘Human Being’

by A Philosopher:

A Creature That Cuts Trees,

& Makes Paper,

& On Those Papers They Writes


Don’t be disappointed if the person who love does not love U.

Bcoz GOD said:

This is my world and even I could not make my creations love me.

Don’t cry over what is gone,

Smile about what remains.

No matter whats lost,

You can still always find value in what is left..!!

Don’t get upset with little jerks in live because life is a road and problem are like speed breakers they save us from big accident so enjoy life

Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart.

No one is born happy.

But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness.

Always be happy.

Every problem in life has a gift inside.

so don’t get upset when you face problem.

It may have more beautiful ending than your expectation.

Every successful person has a painful story,

Every painful story has a successful ending.

Accept the pain


get ready to success.

Forget the things that make u sad &

Remember those that made u Glad.

Forget the Trouble that passed away &

Remember the Blessings that Come each day.

Frogs had competition to Reach Top of Hill.

All Frogs shouted,

But 1 Frog Reached

the Top


He was Deaf


Great Thought:

When we cant laugh again on the same joke,

then why do we cry again and

again for the one and the same pain.

If 5 seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful.

Then just imagine if you keep always smiling how beautiful your life will be.

So Keep Smiling!

If u want happiness for an hour?

take a nap.

If u want happiness 4a day?

go fishing.

If u want happiness 4a year?

inherit a fortune.

If u want happiness for a lifetime?

help someone else.

Life is better when you are happy,

Life is best when other people are happy because of you!

Be an inspiration, share ur smile.

Life is like a note book of 3 PAGES

1st page BIRTH

last page DEATH


center page EMPTY

so fill it with smile, happiness,

& enjoy the life.

Life never turns the way we want.


we live it in the best way we can. There’s no perfect life,


we can fill it with perfect moments

Living alone is really better

than living with fake people,

who hate you but act like loving you.

Mistake increase your experience and experience

decrease your mistakes

you learn from mistake

While the other learn from your success.

Mistakes happen by situation not by intentions..

so always try to know the reason behind every

mistake of ur loved ones..

Thats the way to value a relation..

past is Waste paper,

present is News paper,

future is Question paper,

life is Answer paper,

so, Care fully Read & Write it and enjoy life!

pearl of lifetime:

Don’t judge anyone by the way they speak..

Judge them by the way they care..

Bcoz Care is the Outcome of a Truth-full heart.

people will always throw stones in your successful path.

Now it depends on you what you make of it,

A wall or a bridge.

Remember, u are the arichitect of ur life.

Personally is:

Who we are and what we do when everybody is watching..!

Character is:

Who we are and what we do when Nobody is watching.

power and money are marvelous

sources if they are remain in pocket

but they are terrible masters

once they enter the head.

Silence is the fence around wisdom!!

If your foot slips,

You can always regain your balance..

But if your tongue slips,

You can never recall the words…

Simple line but great meaning

Empty pockets teaches million things in life


Full pockets spoil’s you in million ways.

There are two ways to live your life:

-One is as though nothing is a miracle.

_The other is as though everything is a miracle.

There is always a hope and an end.

It depends on us how we deal with them.

We can look at it as a hopeless end.


an Endless Hope.

We think there is endless time to live,

But we never know which moment is last

So share care..

Love and celebrate every moment of LIFE.

What’s winning attitude?

3 ants saw an elephant coming.

Ant1: we will kill him

Ant2: we will break his legs

Ant3: forgive him guys, he is alone & we are 3.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry.

show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.



Keep smiling always

and make u and other happy.

Will power is to the mind like a strong blind a man who

who carries on his shoulders a lame who can see.

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