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Would you like to send delightful messages to your friends and family? You need somebody to welcome you for being mindful? What precisely would you like to appreciate about the one near you? Try not to stress, and we are here for you. We have introduced a progression of messages for you to send at your helpful time.

20 great morning and good karma wants for him and her

you may not be

perfect in many things


many things cannot be perfect without YOU.

Stay special in your own little ways.

Good Morning

Why do students sleep for long hours?

fantastic answer said by our all students: *

our dreams are always big*

When life gives you a hundred reason to


Show life that you have a thousand reason

to smile.

keep smiling always

and make u and other people happy.

The Secret 0f life is to make the best of

whatever comes along,

Make everyday fresh and new.

Go in search of knowledge and experience.. Good Morning

Sun glows for a day,

Candle for an hour,

Matchstick for a minute.


A good day can glow forever.

So start ur day with a smile.

Mornings are refreshing like friendship.

It may not stay all day long,


for sure it comes forever every day..

Morning makes us tension ,

Afternoon makes us tired,

Evening makes us engage,

But only night makes us rest,

So close ur eyes & enjoy ur dreams.

Good Night

Lovely Morning

Colourful Noon

Joyful Evening

Peaceful Night Be Happy its a wonderful day waiting for you

Good morning Feel the freshness & touch of morning sunrise Good Morning

Everyday, Everywhere,Every time i may not be with you.. but my thinking, my care. my shadow, my prayer,, & my lively wishes are always with u

A good morning creates a good mood, A good mood creates a good work A good day make u happy ur happiness make me happy Good Morning

A big good morning to my sweet sugar

coated choco

mallow milky

shaky honey

dipped cheese

melting orange

juicy pepperoni lovely


have a nice day

A sweet BIRD is

knocking at ur WINDOW

just to say

*Good Morning*

*Falling flowers cant climb back*

So dont think about the past.

love the present.

live for the future..

always have a beautiful & sweet smile.

Wishing you happiest

and lovely

Good Morning…

Morning is a special gift from ALLAH

after a respectful sleep,

its a new chance to do better

& try again where we failed before


Dont read read success story.

Read only failure story,

cos, failure story you can get a new idea to win,

From success story u get only message.

Good morning to u

One of the joys in life

is waking up each day

with thoughts that somewhere, someone cares enough to send a warm morning greeting!

Good morning and enjoy the day!

When u learn to translate every event of ur life,

ur life into a possitive one,

u will stop being prisoner of ur past and become designer of ur future

Good Day

New day new blessing.

Don’t let yesterdays failures ruin the beauty of today,

because each day has its own promise of love, joy, forgiveness,, Good Morning

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