20 sweet words for her


Sending sweet love messages to your better half is a primary method to cause your woman to feel exceptional. It’s a new and stunning signal to cause her to feel significant. You ought to consistently be valid and earnest when forming an affection message.

Unique messages, an individual never neglect to establish a connection! On the off chance that you keep it short and straightforward, it will cause her to envision all the more such sweet messages from you!

After a shower of rain, a piece of luminous sunshine

decorates the earth wonderfully… One drop of dew


the grass and a foggy morning gives 2urge

2live… But a illusive smile from u increase vitality of someone

keep smiling……

Today 1 Gave some1 ur cell no. She will be visiting u

soon. plz attend her properly. I asked to stay with u

forever. Her name is SMILE…

because if u r worried u get wrinkle,

so why don’t u smile & get a dimple.

Always smile and be happy

A smile give red color 2 ur cheeks,

White 2 ur teeth,

Pink color 2 ur lips,

Silver color 2 ur eyes,

so keep smiling


enjoy the colors of life

Heart Can Skip Beats 4 a While

Memories can be kept in a file

A desert can replace the Nile


Nothing can stoop a smile when ur name appears on

my mobile.

Smile is language of luv

Smile is a way to get success,

Smile is to win the hearts,

Smile improves ur personality.

Brush daily.

Some times?. When I’m all alone,

I close my eyes and think of you?

and the thought of your love worms

me inside and make me smile.

A friend is one who

Sees your 1st drop of tear

Catches the 2nd

Stops the 3rd

and turns the 4th into a smile.

A good heart and a good nature are 2 different


A good heart can win many relationships,

But a good nature can win many good hearts.

A smiling tip for lifetime:

Try to pretend your self that you are happy,

slowly it becomes your habit and finally it becomes

your character!

Be talented in front of Everyone..!!


Always be a fool in front of Your dear Ones!!

Is a beautiful Secret of Happy Life!!

Biggest truth:

You can calculate everything, even the speed of



Can’t calculate the hate of the people behind their


Bitter Truth:

The day u accept the fact that

U r not all important

for the person who is most important 4u

is the day u start pretending that u r happy.

Don’t cry over what is gone,

Smile about what remains,

No matter whats lost,

You can still always find value in what is left..!!

Every heart has a pain.

Only the way of expression is different.

Some hide it in eyes while,

Some hide in their smile.

That’s life

Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart.

No one is born happy.

But all of us are born with the ability to create


Always be happy.

God makes our life with pain and Medicine.

The only thing is,

He fix the pain in our heart and

the medicine in our loved ones heart.

Heart is not a basket for keeping tensions &


Is a golden pot for keeping roses of happiness.

So let your heart be happy always.

I hide all my problems behind my smile,

Behind my smile is a word of pain.

You think you know me, but you have no idea..

If 5 seconds can make a photograph more


Then just imagine if you keep always smiling how

beautiful your life will be

So keep smiling!

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