20 heart touching good night messages for friends


It’s 2020, and perhaps the best time to demonstrate to your companions that getting your telephone to send them a decent night message is still extraordinarily compelling and helpful — stylish as well.

Heart contacting messages has well arranged and gathered into this page for individuals like you that are searching for delightful words to favour their companions with around evening time.

What’s more, in case you’re on the page, the main thing preventing you from sending one of them to your companion is that you haven’t chosen your preferred one yet.

Here they are:

Funny but true THOUGHT :

in the past, nobody had a watch but

everyone had time.

now everyone has a watch but NOBODY has


gud nyt:)

The person who loves you will always do

TWO EXTREME things for you: silently CARING and Openly

HURTING, to make you PERFECT! Gud nyt and take care

Touch ur heart, close ur eyes, make a wish,

say good night,

sky so wide,stars so bright

,off the light, sleep tight

An early night msg dosen’t mean that i am disturbing u

it means u are one of d first few people about but whom i am thinking before closing my eyes

Beautiful saying for night.

The most beautiful saying by Shakespeare About Night:

Good Night:)

Good night is the best way to remind somebody

how special they are..

good night

U might be sleeping

U might be awake there? as a feeling i just cant shake?

i know deep inside this feeling is right

the uncontrollable urge to say?

Good night!

Saying GUDNITE is not just a formality..

its d art of saying that i remember u

till last moment of my day!!

Road has speed limit, bank has money limit,

exam has time limit, life has age limit,

but friendship has no limit


gud night

Every garden must have a rose,

Every face must have a smile.

Every grass have a dew ,

Every person in this world must have friend like u:

Gut nyt..

Saying gudnite is not just putting an end to a day.

its a way of saying,

I remember u before i go to sleep.

Hope u can feel the care goes with it?


My sms may not mean too much for u..

but to me it means alot,

cos its my way of showing you that i care.

Good night

Sleeping msg for a sleepy person

from a sleepy friend

for a sleepy reason

at a sleepy time

on the sleepy day

in a sleepy mood

to a say please sleep?

good nyt?

All days worries , tiredness, fatigue,

goes away when you lie on bed by closing your eyes.. you so relaxed as if so relaxed as if you are in heaven…

so wishing you a very good night.

Dreaming of u makes my night worthwhile,

thinking of you makes me smile,

being with you is the best thing ever,

And loving you is what i will do forever..

Good night

Good night my very special friend,

I pray that you lay in rest,

And may tomorrow bring you much love and happiness.

Do no think of me?

Im in ur eyes, in ur heart

Good Night

A quote from my heart when everybody left

me alone:

I feel very happy,

cos my death doesn’t make anyone to cry for me..


Wishing u a happy journey

into the world of dreams….

Good Night!




*Warm pillow

*Hot blanket*

Soft bed*

Sweet dreams *

Sound sleep

Have a great visit..

Sun is swished off, stars are swished on.

blue sky goes off and black sky comes in.

so a cool night is coming.

go to bed and have sweet dreams.


gud nyt

When an angel came to me, he asked:?

what is your wish for tonight?? I said ?

Please take care of the person who is reading this message.. Good night!

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