10+ sad message to express your emotions


They are managing feelings or miserable sentiments such awful things to tolerate for anybody. Human life is a bazaar with a blend of various opinions and different people who have multiple conclusions and perspectives about feeling. Individuals regularly look for enthusiastic messages on the web to communicate their tragic emotions towards their ideal individuals or companions.

Passionate Messages To Express Sad Feelings. Presently a day’s people additionally share their bitterness or feelings on the different informal organizations with companions and others. Here we identification some genuine passionate messages which most likely could coordinate with yours and you may get something to share with your desired one to express your sad feelings.

Being alone usually looks sad to people.


Being alone is better than to have


Who makes Us Feel Alone.

Fabulous lines:

I will remember her… not as the one who

broke my heart!


as the one who taught me how to love.

Great Thoughts:

When we cant laugh again on the

same joke,

then why do we cry again and

again for the one and the same pain.

Hurting someone who really cares for you

is as easy as throwing stone in the lake

but you don’t know

how deep that stone goes…!!

I Hate Every Drop of Rain

Because They Memories Me The Moment


Heart is equal to a mirror,

Mirror shows affection.

and Heart shows affection.

Both have one equal quality..

can’t be reformed once broken!

No one in the world has the capacity to stop

their tears when their loved one says:

Don’t leave me, i need u


Leave me, i don’t need u.

We Make them cry

who Care for us.

We Cry for them

who never Care for us.


We care for them

who will never Cry for us…!!

U may not think of me when u r happy and

having a good time,

but please don’t forget me when u r sad,

I want to be the 1st one to make u happy!

Some Time We Fail to Understand..

the Feelings of very close people in our Life.

Because a Book held very Nearer to Eyes is

very Difficult to read.

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